Sancti Spiritus to Trinidad and Ancón

Most visitors merely stop in Sancti Spiritus on their way to somewhere else. However, it is a pleasant city that should reward you for time spent hanging around there.
In any case, one of the loveliest rides in central Cuba begins in Sancti Spiritus city. So often the most scenic routes owe their beauty to hills that the cyclist must climb, but this time less work is required. From Sancti Spiritus to Trinidad, you ride beside the Sierra del Escambray much of the time, but you do not have to climb the mountains to enjoy the view.
First settled by a few Spanish families in 1513, Trinidad is a hugely popular tourist destination. Trinidad surely has more museums, galleries, and restaurants than any other Cuban town of its size. Strolling through its maze of ancient streets and pastel buildings, especially in early morning, in the glowing light of late afternoon, or the cool of dusk, is a delight. The narrow cobblestoned streets are better suited for four legged transportation than for cars and trucks.
From Trinidad, it is easy to visit Playa Ancón, the only beach we know of on the south coast that compares with Cuba's superb northern beaches. There were three tourist hotels on the beach in 2002 and at least one more under construction. This still bay is behind the barrier beach, along the road from Playa Ancón to La Boca, a nearby fishing village.
We love Trinidad, but we love the beach as well, so we have twice chosen to stay in La Boca. It is only a short ride from either Trinidad or Ancón. There are several casas particulares in La Boca. This one, Hostal Sol y Mar with kindly hosts Joaquín and Olga, is one of our favorites in all of Cuba.