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       Bicycling Cuba is the most detailed, useful, and up-to-date cycling guide to one of the world's most compelling destinations for independent travelers.

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       Published by W.W. Norton in the U.S. and in the U.K., Bicycling Cuba contains 328 pages of information about cycle touring in the Carribean's largest and most welcoming nation. There are over 100 photographs, 17 of them in full color, and 32 maps.
The introduction contains practical information for biking in Cuba and observations on Cuban life as we experienced it during six months of riding over three years. Unlike the only competing guide in English, there is no "boilerplate" lifted from other guidebooks; every word was written specifically for cyclists traveling in Cuba.
       The routes are organized into four major sections. One contains detailed directions for leaving Havana by bike, either west to Pinar del Río Province or east to the Playas del Este and Playa Jibacoa. Subsequent sections cover routes in Pinar del Río, Central Cuba, and the Oriente provinces of Holguín, Granma, Santiago de Cuba, and Guantánamo.
       Kilometer-by-kilometer route descriptions are provided in so much detail that even cyclists with limited Spanish can find their way around Cuba with confidence. These detailed descriptions also make it possible to get a good idea of what each tour is like before actually riding it.

There is also a section with suggestions for connecting the regional routes and biking Cuba from one end to the other, plus an appendix that includes Spanish for Cyclists, information on airline policies pertaining to bikes, a detailed packing list, and more.


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