Miraflor Nature Reserve

Our next destination in Nicaragua was a mountainous nature reserve in the north called Miraflor. It is not far from the city of Estelí. The sign overhead in Estelí, still a Sandanista stronghold, says, "The boys and girls of Iraq have a right to life, not war." We were embarrassed and a little ashamed to be Americans at the very time our country was launching the war.


It takes about 45 minutes by bus over rough roads to reach Miraflor from Estelí . The only development in the sparsely-populated nature reserve is small farms and cooperatives operated by local families. The air is cool in the mountains, and the scenery is beautiful.

Miraflor is ideal for hikers, birdwatchers, and anyone else who wants a taste of quiet life in the country.
We stayed at Posada La Soñada, a tiny guest house tucked behind a cabbage field. As one approaches on foot, it doesn't look terribly impressive.
In fact, it is a fine place to stay. There's a cozy, covered porch with hammocks and comfortable chairs.
The owner, Corina Picado, serves tasty meals, often vegetarian, on the porch. She is a talented cook, a deft hand with all sorts of seasoning.
Most remarkable to us is Corina's ability to turn out such excellent meals from a kitchen with no modern conveniences whatever — all her cooking is done on the simplest wood stove imaginable. By the way, there are no electricity and running water here, or at most other places in Miraflor. However there is a cool spring for bathing, and the water is clean and safe to drink.
One day we traveled by horseback…
To this wonderful waterfall, with a great swimming hole beneath the falls, deep enough to dive safely.



Too soon we left Miraflor and the mountainous north of Nicaragua for a final few days on the Pacific coast.

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