This portion of our Bicycling Cuba website is a lightly-edited version of a slide show we have presented at home in Vermont, U.S.A. It is divided into the following sections: Overview of Our Route in 2000 - People - Learning about Cuba - History - Food & Agriculture - Housing & Health - Education - Final Days. A list of topics like this could make it seem as though this is a carefully researched treatise. On the contrary, you will see simply a collection of photos and impressions, posted because so many people have asked us -- more than any other question -- What was bicycling in Cuba like?

This is the route we followed during our 2-month visit in February and March, 2000. We landed in Havana and flew immediately to Santiago de Cuba. After studying Spanish for three weeks there, we set out to ride our bikes to the other end of the country. The next page gives a quick impression of the diversity and beauty of the countryside through which we rode. Then we'll look more closely at life on the island.